Top Ten Freelancing Survival Tips For Summer

Posted: July 5th, 2010

Nothing like the heat of summer. Trips, barbecue, pool time and just general fun to be had. Hell, what are you even doing here reading this? Shouldn’t you be outside enjoying yourself? I guess since you’re here, might as well read a few tips to help make it the best one to be had.

10. A real vacation is a trip to that new Starbucks all the way across town. Go ahead, spring for the Caramel Macchiato and crumb cake. Yeah, you know you deserve it.

9. Harvesting that layer of dust on your desk makes excellent tinder for campfires.

8. Always remember, when going on solo trips, let a trusted Twitter follower know when you’ll be back.

7. No one will say anything if decide to use that vacation money for that new iPhone, upgrading to a Mac or hiring an escort for a couple nights.

6. I scream, you scream, we all scream for iced tea… err, Rice Dream? Ah, whatever that is.

5. Now is a perfect time to visit that picturesque city in that foreign country where that client still hasn’t paid his invoice.

4. Hit up that neighborhood kid at his lemonade stand for a little extra work.

3. Finishing those layouts, designs and blog posts is not considered a vacation. Finishing those layouts, designs and blog posts in your inflatable kiddy pool wearing Speedos might slide as one though.

2. Remember to drink eight or more cups of coffee a day to beat dehydration.

1. Beat the heat by working naked. Oh right, nevermind.

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