Top Ten Reasons For Freelancers To Return To Their Old Job

Posted: March 8th, 2010

At some point or another, freelancers contemplate going back to the jobs they left, having missed the security of steady paychecks. Did you know there are other reasons, you may not have heard of, for making a beeline to that now coveted job? Yep, these are true.

10. The need to contend for the employee-of-the-month title.

9. Freelancing plus the side gig at the Burger King wasn’t working out as you hoped.

8. Thought your old boss was actually kinda cool.

7. Access to the free coffee machine again.

6. Hourly wages rock!

5. Get to hear jokes again from the fat, smelly guy in the next cubicle.

4. You could use some new stolen software anyway.

3. You can finally stop eating ramen and raid the stale donuts and leftover birthday cake around the office.

2. Get back those medical benefits then get that nasty tumor thing looked at.

1. They wouldn’t survive a day without me anyway.

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