Top Ten Freelancing Crimes (You Probably Are Guilty Of)

Posted: February 12th, 2010

We like to think of freelancers as independent, honest and hard working individuals. Yeah right… we join the rest of society by committing our own crimes as well. In fact, here are the top crimes that even you (yes you) probably are guilty of:

Vandalism: That first website you created all by yourself would have to count here.

Curfew Violations: Stop working, step off of Twitter and get to bed already.

Disorderly Conduct: C’mon, look at your desk. Geez!

Money Laundering: Putting all that under-the-table cash towards that new Mac. Clever.

Insider Trading: Being nice and telling Mr Jones how to use Photoshop so he can save a couple dollars later is a real nice favor isn’t it?

Prostitution: How can you live with yourself after giving Mr Jones a website, new logo and writing all his page copy for $10? Shame on you!

Arson: Better watch out. Mr Jones has a vendetta ever since you burned that bridge some time back.

Shoplifting: Got a receipt for that new Photoshop CS4 I see there?

Murder: Killing off your real social life in cold blood so you can finally have that “other” social life on Twitter.

Tax Evasion: Bet you thought I was joking up until now, eh?

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