Freelance In 40 Days [Day 33]: Take Advantage Of Other Freelancing Resources

Posted: November 30th, 2009

Photo by Johnny (The Freelance Rant)

Photo by Johnny (The Freelance Rant)

This is Day 33 of the Freelance in 40 Days series where you’ll learn to freelance just by taking it one day and one task at a time. Today I’ll give you some excellent resources for freelancers.

As a freelancer, it is essential to take advantage of the resources out there to help you along in your career. The list below are some of my personal bookmarks due to their useful articles and frequent updates.

Freelance Blogs

Freelance Switch
One of the original freelance blogs with a huge archive of useful information. You can pretty much find anything you want by doing a search on their site.

Freelance Folder
Another freelance blog that has been around for a few years. Offers great articles, tutorials and information on anything freelancing.

Freelance Shack
A new kid on the block this past year but offers spot-on advice on freelancing.

oDesk Blog
Offers interesting freelance articles and advice here or their on using job boards.

Design/Dev Blogs

Smashing Magazine
An awesome blog with excellent tips and tutorials on web design and development. There’s even a good article on freelancing every once in a while.

Tuts+ Network
If there is anything you want to learn about web dev, audio, video, Photoshop… basically anything we related, then this is the place. There are plenty of free tutorials available and, for a small fee, access to source files.

An up and comer in the design blogs with great information on design, freelancing and social media. Don’t forget to check out his series on building your online presence on the cheap.

Spyre Studios
Learn some of the insider tips of graphic design from Jon Phillips, coincidentally the founder of Freelance Folder.

Dessine moi un objet
Though not dedicated to web design, this is a great blog to check out for their insight on design. Note that it is in French but can be translated by Google by clicking on the little English flag to the right of the page.

Writing Blogs

Freelance Writing Jobs
If you are a freelance writer, get to know this site. Great advice and how-to’s but especially for the rookie freelancer.

Men With Pens
Some witty writers who churn out great information on writing, copywriting, blogging, and of course freelancing.

Inkwell Editorial
An all-in-one for the freelance writer. Check out their 40 Days To a Successful Writing Career series (on old blog).


Some days when you when you need a good pick-me-up, these are the places to turn to.

Zen Habits
A great site for motivation and easy ways to simplify your work and lifestyle to enjoy life more.

Dumb Little Man
Their motto is tips for life. And good ones they do provide.

And If These Weren’t Enough…

Here you can find an exhaustive list of other freelance blogs. They will overlap, but you’ll find the complete listing in these.

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