Freelance In 40 Days [Day 10]: Shameless Self Promotion

Posted: September 6th, 2009

Photo by Alex CD (Flickr)

Photo by Alex CD (Flickr)

This is Day 10 of the Freelance in 40 Days series where you’ll learn to freelance just by taking it one day and one task at a time. Today you’ll see some simple ways to promote your freelance business and raise awareness that you are the new kid in town.

Simple Advertising

In order for people to get to know and remember your freelance business, it is essential to have something that people can refer back to you. This doesn’t mean spending big money on a PR firm but simply setting up your promotional materials and using everyday communication with friends and associates.

We will, however, want to have promotional material in place that proudly shows us off. While not absolutely necessary, they can generate interest and awareness which can be especially helpful to a new freelancer. Here are some of the basics to start out with:

  • Logo: This ties in with branding covered in Day 5. Using a logo with your snazzy business name creates a powerful image that develops recognition as your business grows.
  • Website: (Covered in Day 28), its the easiest way to let the world know what you do. Its practically mandatory to have your own website no matter what you do.
  • Business Cards: Yes, people hang onto these and refer to them, or refer others to them, once in a while.
  • Brochures/Flyers: Something simple that explains your services, these are great to hand out to people and businesses that are potential clients.

The Little Ways You Can Promote Yourself

Since you are your own business, you have to channel your inner salesman to get the word out. OK, we’re not talking going door to door or making cold calls to people you don’t know. There are some easy methods to promote yourself without consuming your time or budget though:

  • Email Address/Signatures
    Yes, I know you love Gmail but its time to use one with your own business name. A Gmail address says I am an amature. Besides, you can always link your Gmail to receive your email from your business email. Also create a signature with your business name, email address and web address that sends with every message.
  • Dish out business cards
    Make it a point in every conversation with friends or associate to bring up that you are a freelancer and offer a business card to each one.
  • Visit other blogs in your field
    One great method to draw traffic to your website is to visit blogs in your field of freelance and comment on their posts. Believe it or not, those comments get read and if you write well-thought out comments people will follow the link you leave to your website. Its also a great way to network by getting to know other freelancers through their blogs.

Your Homework For Today

Coming up with promotional material will take up some time and/or money. Having these will help out your business in the long run, however, by increasing your exposure and recognition which can lead to increased business for you. So consider having a logo, website, business cards and even brochures made for your freelancing biz.

For affordable custom-made business cards check out these online services:

  • Uprinting: Offers custom business cards suiting your budget. Ships within U.S. only.
  • MOO: Also offers custom business cards according to your budget and ships worldwide.

Also, creating your own website for your freelance business is covered in Day 28.

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