100 Posts And Counting

Posted: August 3rd, 2009

Well, looks like The Freelance Rant finally achieved a milestone. While 100 posts may not seem like a real significant number for a blog, it is huge as far as this one goes.

You see, when I started The Freelance Rant in the beginning of this year, I honestly admit I did it with the intention of cashing in and making a little dough out of it. I figured I could just write a little bit here and there, rack up some readers salivating for my posts and eventually throw in some Adwords later on in the year. Then I’d have some beer money at the end of every month.

It didn’t take long to recognize that this was the recipe for failure. In short, I learned a hard lesson that its not about me and what I have to say, but about my readers and what they are willing listen to. That is if they are willing to listen.

The journey up to now also hasn’t been so easy. Blogging when you are a full-time freelancer is not easy. Writing when money is not a motivating factor is not easy. Checking your traffic stats and seeing that not even a hundred visitors have reached your blog in an entire week is not easy. But hey, I decided to not give a damn and continue this for a full seven months.

During that time, however, I stayed true to the purpose of this blog (you can read it in the About page) and something happened. Traffic increased little by little, comments trickled in (without Viagra links) and people from other blogs started to link to my posts. While the current traffic isn’t overwhelming, it has surely grown from it’s birth last January.

Right now, what keeps me going is the fact that there are the dozens out there who continue to read this and listen to what I have to say. As far as cashing in… well, I won’t worry about that. That’s not important at the moment. (By the way, those two ad blocks you see to the right are not revenue generating, in case you’re wondering)

What is important to me are two things: 1) Improve my writing. 2) Post consistently four times a week.

Oh yeah… and 3) Focus on the reader, not the beer money.

Thanks for reading.

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