Top Ten Inspirations For Than Next Design Project

Posted: July 23rd, 2009

It’s not always easy coming up with a new design, whether it be for a new logo or website. So here are the ten best inspirations to help you save some time and get rolling:

10. A couple of joints, some more Haagen Daz.

9. Sit, stare at screen, Wait, oh… nope.

8. Close your eyes and recall those childhood memories of drawing masterpieces with crayons.

7. If the above didn’t work, just have your kids draw out a rough sketch.

6. Hmmm… what would Picasso do if he were me?

5. Tap into the pain of the hangover.

4. Watch a marathon of Dragon Ball Z DVDs. Revisit #10.

3. Maybe try that crowdsourcing thing that’s going around in the news these days.

2. Just this one more nap ought to do.

1. Aw screw it, just rip off the other website you keep looking back on.

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