Top Ten Secrets of Being The Best Freelancer of The Bunch

Posted: June 25th, 2009

Ever wonder what makes the best of the best freelancers tick? Well grab a pen and paper and take note of the ten best kept secrets of the best freelancers.

10. They are good at hogging all the good job board projects.

9. Most likely some kind of pact with the devil.

8. Nothing out of the ordinary… just avoiding sunlight, garlic and silver bullets.

7. They can miraculous extend the day to 28 hours to get a little more work in.

6. They drink strong coffee with cream and a spoon or two of speed.

5. They usually have a side income giving “Thai” massages.

4. A strong commitment to having no life outside of work.

3. They can afford to pay some sap to do their work for them.

2. They didn’t quite get the memo on the bad economy.

1. Hmmm, they actually work.

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Johnny is the founder of The Freelance Rant and a freelance web programmer with 8 years in the business. Have a visit at his company Oscarrr!web or see what he's up to on Twitter.

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