The Week In Freelance: May 18th

Posted: May 22nd, 2009

  • Jonathan from Zen Habits on the seven traits of the free man: “You may think that you should be grateful for your job, and you should. But when it comes down to it, you’re not going to hit a ceiling of happiness and purpose if you’re not working for yourself. (I know there may be a few exceptions, but let’s be honest, they are exceptions.)”
  • Laura from Freelance Folder asks can anybody be a freelancer?: “My conclusion is that it takes a special breed to become a freelancer. You need the right knowledge, the skills, and character traits to be successful. […] Not everyone can or should freelance, but that’s okay.” I tend to agree, but anyone can be a freelancer if they dedicate themselves to it and are willing to grow and learn and roll with the punches. It can be easy for some and way more difficult for others. Its probably more of a choice to succeed than traits that make you successful.
  • Joel from Freelance Switch: Good communication is important to any business. When you have an online business, though, communication is just as important although it usually isn’t done face to face or by phone. Joel has some good tips to approach effective communication over the internet.
  • A little insight into how to spark a new idea.
  • Got plans for the 6th of June? Head on down to Miami for the mention on CNN.
  • Here is a list of the 100 top freelancing blogs you may want to get to know (besides this one).
  • Elvis Montero on the paradoxes of the freelance world: Yes you do run into a lot of bullshit when looking for projects and it’s best not to roll around in it. “These are the contradictions that would make you utter profanities at a rate you never thought possible. They defy all logic and reasoning. Yet, one can find stuff like this daily at Elance.”
  • Do you use Twitter as a marketing tool for your freelance business? You probably would want to know how to successfully build your personal brand in it too.
  • And while you are creating your personal brand, you may want to keep in mind 15 sites that can make or break your personal brand.
  • Your computer can arguably be the biggest source of stress in your life. If you takes steps to making computing a minimalist experience, though, you leave more room to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • All you web developers rejoice… you can officially say goodbye to supporting Internet Explorer 6. Bad news: IE8 is a new problem we have to figure out now.
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