Top Ten Freelance Holidays To Consider Making Official

Posted: May 6th, 2009

Do freelancers really take bank holidays off or have we just forgotten the whole concept altogether? Do we even remember what holidays are? Well, I propose the following freelance holidays to become official in the near future:

10. Spring break. Let’s take this one back from the college kids!

9. New spin on “take your children to work” day: “Let your children do your work” day.

8. All Payment Stiffers day. Travel to the location of your most notorious bad-debtor and picket, start a riot, throw molotov cocktails at their place of business.

7. All Good Clients day. Take a vacation in their honor with the nice check you just received from them.

6. 5th of July. Allow a day to recover. If it falls on a weekend, Monday off!

5. Post St. Patrick’s day. Ditto.

4. Christmas/New Year’s. C’mon, you really need to stop working these days.

3. Tax Day. Pay up and drown your sorrows.

2. April 16th (day after tax day). See #4 and #5.

1. Tomorrow. Good a day as any I say.

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