The Week In Freelance: April 27th

Posted: April 30th, 2009

  • Carlo Feliciano from Freelance Switch on how he started freelancing with zero experience in his field: “My problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to do exactly. Yes, it was going to involve writing of some sorts. I discovered I had a knack for words (my boss even trusted me to write a press release about a new product we were launching — not bad for someone 6 months out of university!) but I had never been specifically hired and paid by others just to “write stuff.” The biggest question running in my head was: who the hell was I to be charging people for a bunch of words I put together? Luckily, I managed to push through that hump. Within a month or so, I went from being clueless about freelance copywriting to consulting with my first client over Skype.”
  • Freelance Switch has ten examples what the best-of-the-best freelancers do that we probably don’t.
  • Allison Boyer from Bizzia on the freelance jobs to avoid: “… sometimes, people have set out to scam you. That’s the kind of freelancing job you just don’t want – and although the scam-y ads look the same to amateurs, as you’re in the business longer and longer, you begin to see patterns. After just a few years of freelancing, you’ll start the notice the signs of a job that’s a scam (most likely).”
  • Need inspiration for a design or writing project? Zen Habits has a list of thirty inspirations to get you started. My favorite: “28. I find people who do things that seem impossible and try to figure out how they did them. Their quotes are backed by their story.”
  • It is hard for freelancers to realize that breaking out of your routines can help you in the long run. Ritu from Freelance Folder explains how you can actually eliminate some things you do and still come out more productive.
  • Copyblogger tell you how you can be a better writer in the next ten minutes.
  • If you are a graphic designer, hopefully you do not rip off images online, retouch them and use them for your own work. Let it be known, other designers are on the lookout out for this.
  • Are you still without a portfolio website? The folks at Smashing have the ultimate guide to using WordPress for your portfolio. I can tell you first hand that WordPress is definitely the route you want to go for this.
  • Once you have your shiny new WordPress site, you can learn how to use article marketing to promote it.
  • Something taken for granted more often than not is keeping client confidentiality, but in terms of securing the work you do for them. For instance, what if your laptop containing this work is stolen? Though not likely, the thief all of a sudden has access to that work which could potentially be a damaging situation. Georgina at Web Worker Daily explains how you should tackle the issue.
  • To end on a humorous note, ever wonder what the world would be like if everything was made by Microsoft? I’m in the mood for those can of peas professional edition.
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