Top Ten Reasons ToÖ Just Leave It For Tomorrow

Posted: March 12th, 2009

I think its safe to say that freelancers are workaholics or at least develop workaholic tendencies. Sometimes when you are working on that project you¬† like to keep going until the batteries drained. Well, Iíll give you the following reasons to step away from the keyboard for once and give yourself a well deserved rest:

10. You havenít slept in, oh, 30 Ė 40 hours.

9. Gotta leave something to do tomorrow, donít you?

8. It already is tomorrow!

7. You have been up all night, watched the sunrise and DIDNíT GO OUT AT ALL!

6. You ran out of coffee (or other stimulants).

5. You could use the time to say, go on a date?

4. Tomorrow is a Monday.

3. Did someone actually tell you that canít?

2. It already is tomorrow.

1. Work isnít a 24 hour event my friend.

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