A Freelancing Industry Taking Off… For Dominatrixes

Posted: February 9th, 2009

Tracy Quan’s article from The Daily Beast brings to light an industry we know little about (although some may), but never really connected with freelancing. And now it’s as popular as ever, even in this economy: the dominatrix freelancer. While there have always been escorts and clandestine call girls, it particularly draws more and more women due to less intimate contact while they still make good money.

She writes:

Though dominatrix work is considered by many to be the hardest in the sex industry, being able to avoid actual intercourse is key to its appeal to “everyday” women who are just looking to pick up a little extra money to pay the bills. Because of this, counterintuitive as it sounds, the kink sector tends to attract women who are more risk-averse than traditional call girls—and more law-abiding.

Like most freelancers who often branch out their services for a higher income, being a dom can offer another attractive revenue stream, too:

Jessica recently got a new day job working for a website designer three days a week, leaving her time to see a few regular fetishists. Like other freelancers, she’s responsible for her own health insurance. Does she want a full-time tech job with benefits? “In this economy? Forget it,” she says. “I didn’t really try to get a full-time job.” She embraces her role in the gig economy—one gig, her tech job, enhances her resume, while her fetish work makes life in New York affordable.

For those lovely ladies out there who can put up with donning a strap-on and beating the shit out of their subjects, you might want to look into this. They make more than I do an hour, that’s for sure.

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