Around the Horn: Week of February 2nd

Posted: February 8th, 2009

Big week… did anyone catch if that Punkytawny Fred saw his shadow in Pennsylvania? OK, me neither so we’ll go right to the happenings in freelance for this week.

Anywired: Hands up if you have a website or blog with a “hire-me” page in it (ahem… mine is not, sigh). Maybe it can get you (and me) an extra client or two in the process.

CNN: Freelancers love the freedom of working at home. Then that gets old really quick since they eventually turn themselves into lonely hermits. Coworking is catching on to alleviate the loneliness and bring back the social atmosphere of the office.

Daily Blog Tips: Still haven’t jumped on the blog bandwagon? How about some convincing reasons and tips to get started?

Freelance Folder: Sure, we may be freelancers and work and receive a check here or there but do we really take ourselves seriously?

Freelance Folder: Some of the worst times a freelancer has is when they make mistakes. Sometimes it’s big and other times small but there are ways to deal with the situation.

Freelance Switch: Most freelancers would say they enjoy what they do. After all, they ARE doing what they want. Here are ways for freelancers to get the most out of their work and enjoy it even more.

Freelance Switch: The lines of communication with your clients need to be crystal clear. Quite often, they are not clear themselves when trying to determine what they want from your services. Here are ways to bridging that communication gap.

HR World: This site has compiled a list of ten jobs that are worse then you thought and ten jobs that are better than you thought.  Guess which is the number one job that is better than you thought?

The Simple Dollar: Trent Hamm abandoned his typical 9 – 5 job to start freelancing. He gives an assessment after his first four months in which can accurately summarize what most freelancers go through when they make that jump, themselves.

Zen Happens: Freelancers often do not stick to doing one particular thing in their work. For instance, you may be a graphic designer who moonlights as a blog writer. If you do not find your balance while multitasking, though, you could be cheating yourself out of happiness in your career. Worth the read a few times over.

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