That Damn Excuse We Call Summer

Posted: June 7th, 2010

Photo by Philipyk (Flickr)

Photo by Philipyk (Flickr)

Happens every year. I’ve been freelancing for eight years so you would think I could see this coming but every time it’s the same.

Beautiful day out, people walking around. Ice cream cones in hand.

Friends calling from nowhere. “Hey, let’s get a quick beer” at 2:00 in the afternoon (No that wasn’t today).

I practically know every trick in the book to motivate myself to getting back to work. Yet it gets me every time around.

Summertime. You can just hear that Fresh Prince song in your head now, can’t you?

There’s plenty of work to be done, a blog post to be written, emails to answer, tweets to send. Yet all I can think about is heading down to the beach and taking in that comfy 73ยบ F (23 C) heat outside.

You know what? I’ll take the day off and I don’t even need an excuse.

Freelancing doesn’t equal job. Sure, there will always be work to be done and a good freelancer is a hard worker. Don’t take for granted, however, the advantages of time it offers you. Those moments you have to escape off and call a ditch-day are never regretted (in my experience anyway).

If you have to pull a Sunday/Monday all-nighter to get in that project on time (like I will), well, small price to pay. Fun summertime memories last a while though.

Take my lead but just don’t make it a frequent habit. THAT is bad.

Perfect Words of Wisdom On A Busy Friday

Posted: May 8th, 2009

I just got through a pretty tough day as a programmer which leaves little left in the tank for a screaming post. I can only think about my typical Friday night pizza with a cold draft as I start typing away. Luckily, I ran into an inspiring post by Sarah from Helium. Some words to live by:

Another thing you can jeopardize, besides sanity, health (come on, you know you’ve been picking up every cold and flu bug that creeps your way) and your relationship with your loved ones is this: perspective. Every deadline begins to take on a life or death importance. You forget that the world will not implode if you take time for lunch, sleep in an extra hour or go home in time to eat a good dinner and catch an episode of “Lost.”

TGIF… your work won’t go anywhere, but you can. Now time for that pizza…