The Week In Freelance: July 9th

Posted: July 9th, 2010

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Top Ten Freelancing Survival Tips For Summer

Posted: July 5th, 2010

Nothing like the heat of summer. Trips, barbecue, pool time and just general fun to be had. Hell, what are you even doing here reading this? Shouldn’t you be outside enjoying yourself? I guess since you’re here, might as well read a few tips to help make it the best one to be had.

10. A real vacation is a trip to that new Starbucks all the way across town. Go ahead, spring for the Caramel Macchiato and crumb cake. Yeah, you know you deserve it.

9. Harvesting that layer of dust on your desk makes excellent tinder for campfires.

8. Always remember, when going on solo trips, let a trusted Twitter follower know when you’ll be back.

7. No one will say anything if decide to use that vacation money for that new iPhone, upgrading to a Mac or hiring an escort for a couple nights.

6. I scream, you scream, we all scream for iced tea… err, Rice Dream? Ah, whatever that is.

5. Now is a perfect time to visit that picturesque city in that foreign country where that client still hasn’t paid his invoice.

4. Hit up that neighborhood kid at his lemonade stand for a little extra work.

3. Finishing those layouts, designs and blog posts is not considered a vacation. Finishing those layouts, designs and blog posts in your inflatable kiddy pool wearing Speedos might slide as one though.

2. Remember to drink eight or more cups of coffee a day to beat dehydration.

1. Beat the heat by working naked. Oh right, nevermind.

4th of July Homework For Freelancers (After Your Barbecue)

Posted: July 2nd, 2010

Photo by Space Pirate Queen (Flickr)

Photo by Space Pirate Queen (Flickr)

Yes, it’s one of those few celebrated holidays of the summer. So before you’re about to scarf down your allotment of barbecue and potato salad for the year or head out to Yosemite for a nice hike and a picnic, you may have already realized you’re at the midpoint of the year. Already!

While you’re resting and recharging, it’s also a good time to reflect on the past year so far. Is your freelancing business going how it should? Is there anything you want to change or haven’t begun to do yet? What can you do better?

Those are a few questions a serious freelancer would think about throughout the year. So I’ll leave a few compiled posts here to get you started for the holiday break.

Happy 4th of July!

The Week In Freelance: June 25th

Posted: June 25th, 2010

The Week In Freelance: June 11th

Posted: June 11th, 2010

Ten Things A Freelancer Hasn’t Gotten Around To Doing, But Probably Should

Posted: June 9th, 2010

As I said in my last post, taking a day off from your freelancing activities is necessary every once in a while. When you return, though, work piles up, you do this and that but there is still some unfinished business that you’ve been putting off that needs attention. The list can go on forever, but these are likely some of the most urgent.

10. Prying ass out of seat in front of computer.

9. Trading in those post-it notes for real business cards.

8. Do I need to say it? Stop procrast… ah, I’ll tell you later.

7. Just about anything that involves clients, violent screams and last week.

6. Just about anything that doesn’t involve booze, drugs, unlocking badges, hashtags and friending.

5. Maybe something about that cloud of polluting body odor above your desk.

4. Attack that coffee cup with some dish soap.

3. Go back to the job boards. Make sure there are projects available in case you decide to apply for any.

2. Sending out those 15 or so tweets on how awesome it is that you see the face of Elvis in your cereal. Oh wait, I mean work.

1. Whatever productive thing you were doing five minutes ago before reading this.

That Damn Excuse We Call Summer

Posted: June 7th, 2010

Photo by Philipyk (Flickr)

Photo by Philipyk (Flickr)

Happens every year. I’ve been freelancing for eight years so you would think I could see this coming but every time it’s the same.

Beautiful day out, people walking around. Ice cream cones in hand.

Friends calling from nowhere. “Hey, let’s get a quick beer” at 2:00 in the afternoon (No that wasn’t today).

I practically know every trick in the book to motivate myself to getting back to work. Yet it gets me every time around.

Summertime. You can just hear that Fresh Prince song in your head now, can’t you?

There’s plenty of work to be done, a blog post to be written, emails to answer, tweets to send. Yet all I can think about is heading down to the beach and taking in that comfy 73º F (23 C) heat outside.

You know what? I’ll take the day off and I don’t even need an excuse.

Freelancing doesn’t equal job. Sure, there will always be work to be done and a good freelancer is a hard worker. Don’t take for granted, however, the advantages of time it offers you. Those moments you have to escape off and call a ditch-day are never regretted (in my experience anyway).

If you have to pull a Sunday/Monday all-nighter to get in that project on time (like I will), well, small price to pay. Fun summertime memories last a while though.

Take my lead but just don’t make it a frequent habit. THAT is bad.

The Week In Freelance: June 4th

Posted: June 4th, 2010

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