Dem Der Marketers And Why You Should Get To Know Them

Posted: September 15th, 2010

Photo by Kevin Labiano (Flickr)

Photo by Kevin Labiano (Flickr)

If you haven’t figured out Twitter by now, then you wouldn’t notice there is a tendency to follow anyone out there who sends a random tweet your way. Hell, I’m even guilty here.

Over time, though, when you really think about who you interact with, isn’t it safe to say that you remain within your “clique” of users who do exactly what you do, say web design or writing?

Not that there is anything wrong with this. I mean, we’ve been in cliques since the days when we were three feet tall. Besides, we naturally converse better with those with similar interests, not to mention, share some ideas that help us in our work.

Sticking within your cliques in social media, however, defeats its sole purpose which is being social rather than hanging around the proverbial water cooler.

Why should we get to know other marketers, more specifically social media marketers?

It’s a great way to learn to interact and build a network

It’s a social media marketer’s purpose to harness the social web to generate brand awareness for their clients. In order to do so, however, they need to do this for themselves or else they would be out of business in a hurry.

These marketers, though, are socially savvy folks who value building relationships from all walks of life, not to mention, they attract other social-friendly people. The by-product of getting to know them is, of course, meeting all those other friendly people. Some may happen to do what you do but real networks are built by mingling with others who don’t.

They aren’t “those” types of marketers

Usually when I get a follow from anyone with “marketer” in their bio, bells go off in my head telling me not to follow back. While this does hold true for many, no real social media marketer will bombard you with a DM to purchase their latest ebook at a special price for you ending at midnight.

For that matter, you won’t see any talk of getting rich or, really, any word of money with these folks. Just straight up getting to know one another and sharing ideas. Exactly what it should be.

They are highly accessible

One of my pet peeves in the social sphere is attempting to interact with others on Twitter or visiting the blogs of followers, leaving a comment and not nary a reply is left in return. In the end, it makes you feel like a groupie of someone who couldn’t give a crap about you.

What impresses me most about these marketers is that, despite their numerous followings, they go out of their way to keep up with those who interact with them, even new people. Again, isn’t this what being social is all about?

Where to get started

If you aren’t following them yet, here are three awesome marketers you should get to know right now. Pay a visit to their blogs and keep up with them on Twitter and you’ll begin to notice their consistent efforts to keep up with their own communities. Stuff to learn from.

Mark Schaefer Mark Schaefer

One of my favorite places to hang out is in the comments section of Mark’s blog. I’ve met many great people here, from other marketers to engineers, who are worth following themselves.

Blog: {Grow}
Twitter: @markwschaefer

Jon Buscall Jon Buscall

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jon through Mark’s blog and he’s become a great friend, not to mention, knows his stuff in social media. It’s hard to find more friendly and chatty people in social media than this guy.

Blog: Jontus Media
Twitter: @jonbuscall

Danny Brown Danny Brown

Arguably the undisputed king of social media, Danny works tirelessly to keep up with his huge community of followers. Keep up with him, though, and you never get lost in the shuffle.

Blog: Danny Brown
Twitter: @dannybrown

Introducing A New Sort-Of Twitter (More Than 140 Characters Allowed!)

Posted: February 1st, 2010

Photo by Jeffjose (Flickr)

Photo by Jeffjose (Flickr)

I’m really excited that I recently discovered a new “app” as a part of my social media arsenal. Yes, you got it; something new and different that rivals Twitter. OK, it’s no so new, but it is effective.

Don’t get me wrong; Twitter is a great tool and all, but sometimes I just want to cut to the chase and converse with those that are of interest to me as a freelancer and in my business. With Twitter, I usually get sidetracked enough with unrelated links that it somewhat defeats its purpose.

Besides, I’m a little tired of clicking on to pictures of cats and half-eaten breakfasts already.

So before I reveal what this incredible new tool is, let me give you some of its advantages over Twitter.

1. No follower counts (and insecurity with your unpopularity).

Finally there is no need worry that you have 136 followers while the average number of followers of those following you is somewhere in the tens of thousands. Not that it mattered anyway, but this is no longer an issue.

Ah, who am I kidding? We all look at that count each and every day and look up those users that hit the unfollow button on us. The swine.

Now, though, we can all be created equal and our fragile egos can be saved.

2. Communicate directly to the gurus and experts that would never consider following you.

Have you ever RT’d or sent a tweet to one of those “popular” users in hopes of getting his attention?

Then waited…

Not a thank you tweet in sight. Probably didn’t even notice. He still hasn’t followed you back for God sake.

Wouldn’t it be nice to send a message to him and then he gets back to you? Well, it may happen some of the time but better than being completely ignored.

3. No more 140 character limits.

You are free to write 141, 280, 560 characters or, gasp, multiple paragraphs. Finally say what is on your mind and don’t leave out one single detail. You can even throw in that photo of your cat eating breakfast (though not recommended).

4. Steal traffic from other websites to yours.

Sure, Twitter is a great way to bring traffic to your website. More traffic couldn’t hurt, right? It’s especially true if you can “borrow” it from other websites with a lot more traffic.

Yes, there is a little greed factor here.

5. Meet others with similar interests.

I personally hate following a user that seems to be interesting but finding only nothing but tweets about Jersey Shore and cats coming from his feed.


None of that here. Filter out the crap and save yourself the unfollow time.

So What Is It?

It’s nothing you haven’t heard of before. In fact, you may have used “it” but without realizing its full potential.

Introducing… [drumroll] the blog comment.

How many times of you read a really good blog post, bookmarked it, tweeted a link to it and printed it out but never left a comment telling the author how good it was along with a reflective thought?

Nothing flatters an author more (even the popular ones too) than noticing that his readers are influenced by his or her work. Plus you get a little something in return by leaving a link to your blog or website along with your picture (by getting a Gravatar).

Instant branding… just like with Twitter.

Just remember to be sincere and leave a thought provoking response. That might be just enough to get that author’s attention and have him visit your website. Maybe he’ll even like what he sees on your website and recommend you to his friends.

Sure beats waiting for him to follow you on Twitter.