Top Ten Freelance Habits You Might Need To Ditch Eventually

Posted: October 13th, 2008

Hey, we’re freelancers. Cut us a little slack, we’re not alll perfect. If you find yourself giggling at any of these, though, maybe its time to update those upcoming New Year’s resolutions.

10. Windows 98 was from a decade ago. Get with the program.

9. Taxes… did April 15th pass already?

8. Cut back to maybe one instant message program to chat with friends.

7. Internet porn is not considered working. Unless of course you work for internet porn.

6. Work over the internet? Why aren’t you working out of the Bahamas?

5. Ever heard of the sun? You’re allowed to leave the house to look at it on occasion.

4. Even though you can, a freelancer should not make it to EVERY happy hour.

3. You work at home. Your shower is right there. Use it!

2. Working out a Starbucks is no longer cool if you want to pick up chicks (or dudes).

1. No more bong rips before starting your day.

Day 1 For A Freelance Blogger

Posted: October 5th, 2008

I just got done with 8 hours of hard labor, also known as my job as a freelance programmer. I’m tired as hell but I’ve been putting off starting this blog for months on end. So dammit… I’m gonna start this thing now. So welcome to The Freelance Rant.

I’m Johnny. Nice to meet a new reader so thanks for dropping by.

If you happen to see a banana on the top of this page, I apologize for the blog design. I’m in the process of changing it. I figured it would be more productive to start this blog out and put off the design until someone complains.

I know there’s six trillion blogs out there and this will be the new drop in the ocean. Probably by chance, too, someone else may have a very similar blog that I don’t know of. That’s fine. I don’t really give a shit. Don’t even tell me about it. Even if it never gets traffic and my most loyal readers are viagra spammers, I’ll still carry on with this here diary of a freelancer.

OK, don’t get the wrong idea about this being a diary. My intention is create an outlet for some of the nuances of freelancing that me and every other freelancer has experienced in their careers. I may offer some advice, but the objective here is to humor, entertain and make light of our occupation. It’s also an outlet so there will be some creative ways to vent our frustrations… just you wait until future blogs.

Even though we’re freelancers and have all that freedom and shit, we take it too seriously sometimes. Some of us maybe all of the time. Well now is the time to kick back, drink that beer while you finish up that project and tune in. This is just the beginning.

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