Review: The Blog Business Funnel by Skellie

Posted: April 8th, 2010

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I’ve read ebooks all the time on various subjects whether freelancing, marketing or the like. Occasionally, I’ve received a nugget or two of information that has been very useful to me but, nowadays, I tend to shy away from ebooks. Even the free ones.

That’s because many ebooks are simply too general when explaining a topic. I’d prefer to see an ebook explain something in detail and give examples rather than pointing me in a direction to do a Google search.

Yep, I’ve even fallen victim to those “six figures to…” which now clutter up my hard disk. These days, I’m not an easy sell.

Then I happened to run across Skellie’s ebook, came across the sales page and read this:

In July 2008 I was studying full-time and freelancing part-time as a writer, copywriter and consultant. In that month, I earned more than $8,000 through my own Blog Business Funnel. Every single cent was earned through jobs that came through my blog.

Wow, I thought. OK, fairly credible. I forked over the 29 USD, not for the advice inside, but just to see how the hell Skellie did that.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

What intrigued me was that Skellie utilizes techniques used in online sales (read: big red headline, long sales page) and presents it as a way for freelancers to adopt without being all sales-pitchy-pushy.

Not only that, but it is written from the perspective of the everyday freelancer. No numbers, charts, formulas or the like. Just simple logic expressed in Layman’s terms with clear examples and a bit of  “pep talk” thrown in to convince you that Skellie’s techniques can be done.

Here are some key items that the ebook covers:

  • The building blocks of a blog that sells your services.
  • Writing to gain trust of your blog audience.
  • Branding yourself and creating a buzz.
  • Setting up a non-sales-pitchy sales page on your website.
  • Utilizing a business launch to generate clients.
  • Effectively using advertising and email lists to promote your services.
  • How to effectively raise your rates.

Now, the material is geared toward freelancers of any level. In my opinion, however, you will need some time freelancing under your belt and experiment a bit in blogging to really understand or get anything out of this ebook. If you’re at least at the point where you are asking yourself “How can I get better?” then this is for you.

This also may require you to step outside your normal marketing boundaries. Typically, freelancers are used to obtaining clients through job boards and referrals and are less skilled at their own sales.  While the material isn’t aimed at teaching sales, you will be using it, though in a manner freelancers can be comfortable with.

Personally, I consider myself a successful freelancer but, I admit, I’ve done very little of what was presented in the ebook. I also haven’t made $8,000 in any single month yet either. Therefore, I can guarantee that this ebook will not be collecting dust on my hard drive.

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The Freelance Rant is not in any way affiliated with The Blog Business Funnel and did not received a free copy for evaluation. The Freelance Rant also hints that there is a discount code in the first link above that he forgot to use. D’oh!