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Johnny is the founder of The Freelance Rant and a freelance web programmer with 8 years in the business. Have a visit at his company Oscarrr!web or see what he's up to on Twitter.

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  • 6/23/2010 - Scared of Upgrading to WordPress 3.0? Well…

    Chances are, if you have a self-hosted Wordpress blog, you’ve dealt with issues when upgrading to latest versions. In my experience (and likely yours), most upgrades are completed without issue but there are always those few that make you spend half the day trying to get the Wordpress back to normal, much less, up to date.

    Now this time, Wordpress has reached a new milestone. Three point zero. A new era for Wordpress.

    Or in the case of your own blog, just the thought of upgrading to it creates a panic with flashbacks of the Y2K millenium bug thrown in. Maybe not that bad but you get the picture.

  • 6/11/2010 - The Week In Freelance: June 11th

    Take a break from all the oil spill updates for the week in freelancing news for June 11th

  • 6/9/2010 - Ten Things A Freelancer Hasn’t Gotten Around To Doing, But Probably Should

    As I said in my last post, taking a day off from your freelancing activities is necessary every once in a while. When you return, though, work piles up, you do this and that but there still some unfinished business that you’ve been putting off that needs attention. The list can go on forever, but these are likely some of the most urgent

  • 6/7/2010 - That Damn Excuse We Call Summer

    Happens every year. I’ve been freelancing for eight years so you would think I could see this coming but every time it’s the same.

    Beautiful day out, people walking around. Ice cream cones in hand.

    Friends calling from nowhere. “Hey, let’s get a quick beer” at 2:00 in the afternoon (No that wasn’t today)

  • 6/4/2010 - The Week In Freelance: June 4th

    Still full from the Memorial Day barbeque but with just enough room to bring you the week in freelancing news for June 4th

  • 6/1/2010 - Hopefully Solved: Freelancing Hourly Vs. Fixed Pricing Debate

    Last week, I read an interesting post on why you shouldn’t charge an hourly rate as a freelancer. I thought it was spot on and gave great insight on how freelancers can make a comfortable income.

    What was really of interest to me were the comments though. While some appeared to understand the concept that an hourly rate can hold you back, it still didn’t grasp many. It even became hotly debated in parts with the author, Amber, having to justify her (rather enviable) pricing to clients.

    So, in case you’re not convinced fixed pricing is for you or you don’t understand its real advantage, here is a little explanation.

  • 5/24/2010 - Top Ten Reasons Your Client Dropped You Like a Ton of Bricks

    There’s nothing like true client relationships. Yet one second you’re riding high from the hefty paychecks and the next second, poof. Gone. Nothing left but a polite email wishing you well but your services are no longer needed. The only thing we ask is why have you done so on thee? Here are the real reasons.

  • 5/21/2010 - The Week In Freelance: May 21st

    Done eating birthday cake in time to bring you the week in freelancing news for May 21st.

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