Freelance In 40 Days [Day 31]: What On Earth Do I Write In My Blog

Posted: November 25th, 2009

Photo by OkayCityNate (Flickr)

Photo by OkayCityNate (Flickr)

This is Day 31 of the Freelance in 40 Days series where you’ll learn to freelance just by taking it one day and one task at a time. Today I’ll give you some ideas on how to get started in writing your blog.

So you now have your nice, shiny new portfolio website and a blog that you’ll use to promote and grow your website. Now the real question becomes what do you put in the damn blog now?

An even bigger question is will people visit my site and read what I have to say?

If you aren’t used to writing, don’t lose hope.

If you view your blog as a stage, where you have to perform by pleasing your audience with your writing, then you are already doomed from the start.

Wrong approach.

The reality is your blog is your own personal journal. You can write whatever the hell you want and not worrying about your sixth grade teacher coming around to correct your grammar. That’s the beauty of blogging… you can write how you want to even if it means sloppy sentences (though you might want to use the spell check).

After a while, writing gets easier and you develop you own flow and style. And lo and behold, a blogger is born.

In other words, just write.

Now to answer that question on what to write…


A great way to attract visitors to your blog is to offer advice on whatever your specialty is. It doesn’t necessarily mean giving away your “trade secrets” but if there is something you know how to do better than others, write about it. Take this blog for example. Did you come here seeking out some sort of advice on freelancing?


Do a search in Google for how to do anything and you come up with an endless list of how-to tutorials. That’s because, by instinct, we automatically look up the web whenever we want to know how to do something. And that’s the reason why online tutorials are widely popular.

There is always something we know, done our own unique way, which we can share and benefit others too.


One of the easiest ways to come up with a topic is to read other blogs and write a commentary on a post you feel strongly for or against. Take it a step further and take a controversial stance. Posts that draw a debate are a great way to get a reader’s attention.

One thing to note is that, since your blog is linked to your portfolio, keep commentaries free from politics, religion and negativity (i.e. arrogance, badmouthing others). These are all topics that will turn off readers and can dirty your reputation as the freelancer.

It doesn’t mean you can’t disagree on anything. Just be polite about it.

Whatever Is On Your Mind

One of the quirks of blogging is that you sometimes write a post that goes off tangent and was something you wrote in five minutes just to clear your head.

Then people read it and like it.

For example, I wrote this as only my second blog post which drew a lot of visitors and was a reason I continued doing The FR Ten.

The point is if it’s on your mind then write about it. Not only might it turn into a gem, but you also improve your ability to sit there and write without the dreaded writer’s block.

Now To Draw Those Visitors

Check back for the next tutorial where I’ll show tips on how to draw visitors to your blog without having to wait for the search engines to show mercy on you.

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