Top Ten Famous Last Words of Freelancers

Posted: October 16th, 2009

Similar to General Custer, who’s famous last words were (unofficially) “We’ve caught them napping,” those not-so-lucky freelancers who fell off of face the planet also had some last words to be remembered by. Here are the best of them:

10. “Naw, I won’t charge you just this one time.”

9. “Why yes, billable time does include calls, emailing, invoicing, showers, naps and Twitter use.”

8. “If you don’t mind me saying, it looks way more professional with Comic Sans.”

7. “Here’s my cell number in case anything goes wrong.”

6. “A contract before starting? No thanks, I’m an independent.”

5. “What’s this W-9 I got in the mail?”

4. “Who needs you? I got my other client anyway.”

3. “Sure I can write out your website copy and blog posts on top of the layout and design. Plus tweets while we’re at it.”

2. “Be patient. I’m kinda new at this.”

1. “Aaaaah… maƱana. Don’t worry.”

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