Top Ten Things To Do When There Are Just Too Many Things To Do

Posted: October 6th, 2009

Freelancers will surely get into times when they are juggling five projects, having to answer a million client emails and then finishing up the invoicing for the month.  All of which has to be done yesterday. Before you get burnout or any of that stressy stuff happening to you, stop, take a breath and try one of these ten remedies:

10. Wait patiently for that rainy day to come around… from the Bahamas.

9. Look into getting a paid position for all that other time you spend on Twitter.

8. Skip out for a six-day siesta.

7. Aw hell, might as well look for more work  instead.

6. Hire 10 year old brother to do your work for a Happy Meal and softer punches.

5. Might as well start spending all those checks you’ll get when the work is done.

4. Get much needed sympathy about your constant flow of work from Twitter/Facebook friends.

3. Write up a quick top ten list sippin’ on a beer.

2. Come up with some killer excuses for the clients.

1. Just take the damn day off and relax for once, OK?

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