Top Ten Additional Definitions of The Freelance Dictionary

Posted: August 12th, 2009

A few months ago, I posted The Top Ten Definitions of The Freelance Dictionary which, apparently, a soul or two out there liked. So class is in session again. Get out the pen and paper and jot down these other ten definitions from our beloved “dictionary.”

Billable Hours: The hours you really intended to work but somehow ended up on Twitter instead.

Change Order: A document you realized you forgot to draft when you spent three days retouching that website at the request of your client.

Health Insurance: For a freelancer this would be wearing body armor at all times and eating an apple a day.

Passive Income: Getting some freelance work done while clocked in at your job.

PayPal: The quickest and safest method to fork over a chunk of your hard earned paycheck for nothing.

Freelance Rate: An amount per hour that you brag to your friends about charging. That is until you realized you worked a half hour this week.

Spec Work: Also known as “pro-bono” work, “let’s pretend we’re an intern” work or “why don’t I just let you have my whole damn portfolio while we’re at it” work.

Social Media: An increasingly popular method of promoting one’s business by exchanging information and links. That’s the excuse, anyway, while you keep up with friends.

Time Tracking: Periodically looking at the clock throughout the day until you decide to start working at 3:00 AM.

Telecommuting: Working at home and conducting business over the internet. Also the sole culprit in why you have gained weight and look and smell like you’ve spent a week on skid row.

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