Can Having Your Own Blog Really Earn You Money?

Posted: August 11th, 2009

Over the course of the seven plus months writing away in my own blog, I couldn’t help but notice how the popularity of blogging has skyrocketed. The motive to start out usually boils down to one of three things: 1) To have an outlet for venting whatever subject. 2) To promote a business. 3) To make the loot.

Recently, the trend has moved towards #2 and #3. Unfortunately, the overall quality of blogs has diminished due to this this very fact. Even enough so that the primary function of a blog has become lost in an ocean of personal diaries and Google Adsense ads. Does anyone really believe that with a focus of “Hey, buy my product” or “Please click on one of my 50 ads” their goal will be achieved?

It seems too many believe exactly that to be the case. The end result is a blog abandoned to the world of cyber garbage waiting to be picked up when the domain name expires… or just sits there forever on Blogger like an empty coke can in a canal.

So what do you have to do to make money from a blog?

In a nutshell…

Have something to say that people want to hear.

This may seem like a no brainer, but people visit a blog because it entertains, engages or solves a problem. Focus on one of the three (instead of Adsense revenue) and you have a start to creating an ideal blog. Knowing how to write can only help you more.

Get involved within the community of your expertise.

Getting to know others with the same expertise as yours helps keeps you in touch and up to date on your subject. You can also drive traffic to your blog by visiting and commenting on other similar blogs. Not to mention, interacting on social media such as Twitter and Stumbleupon are also great ways to drive in traffic. It involves a lot of work outside of your own blog, but is worth the effort in the end.

Be patient.

A blog doesn’t grow popular overnight. In fact, you’d be very lucky to have a lot of traffic coming to it within a year. This is normal, however, and a part of being a new blogger. There’s no shortcut either. Keep pluggin’ away on those posts, improving your writing as you go and eventually the traffic will come.

Wait until you have traffic and have a reputation as an expert.

Once traffic starts to flow to your blog, it is then the time to consider monetizing it with paid ads or by promoting and selling products. It is always wise to first demonstrate your expertise and gain the trust of your visitors before this step though. Any earlier and you come off as some pushy salesman and drive visitors away rather than keep them coming back.

Of course, I can’t explain to you everything about blogging and earning from it in just this one post. However, the following sites below are highly recommended to fill you in on everything blog related:

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