The Week in Freelance: August 3rd

Posted: August 7th, 2009

  • Web Design Dev has a must-bookmark list of 20 rules all freelancers should follow. Even if you’ve been in the biz a while, it doesn’t hurt refresh yourself on these.
  • Do you use a contract before starting any project? Contracts clearly outline the work you do for a client plus the terms for receiving payment and are a must to avoid potential conflicts later on. Get to know what should be included in a contract too. [from Mayhem Studios]
  • Freelancers have the freedom of a flexible schedule and can sometimes find themselves working the twilight hours of the morning since that may suit them better. Keeping regular business hours may actually benefit you more and here are five reasons why. [from The Freelance Writing Jobs Network]
  • Looking for advice… on anything legal, business or just on life? Here is a good start. [from]
  • Sparkplug CEO on strategies for a down economy: A tip we probably havent thought about; “Make sure that you’re doing all that you can to reach as much of your target market as possible.  I’ve actually seen some entreprenuers pulling back from their usual marketing activities becuase they perceive that their market is cash poor and unlikely to respond. That’s a mistake.”
  • The Logo Factor fills us in on the continued debate between the good and evils of spec work and crowdsourcing.
  • Here’s a new concept. Theme each day of your workweek. Make it fun and you just may be more productive in the process. [from Freelance Switch]
  • Is being self-employed causing you to work seven days a week out of fear you may be passing up opportunities for work? I believe it is just that: fear. Take a day off or a vacation when you need it. Available work doesn’t all of a sudden dry up. [from The Wall Street Journal]
  • If you are a designer and need a boosts once in a while to get into your creativity zone, this “little guide” just may help. [from Zen Habits]
  • Sometimes we are on Twitter too much when we should actually be working (or having a social life outside of it). We can rationalize our use of it better, hoever, with ways to use Twitter for our business. [from Web Worker Daily]
  • Here’s a good laugh for all you programmers.
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