Survived The Recession So Far? Time To Thank Those Reponsible

Posted: July 30th, 2009

Just the other day I received an email from a client, actually a long term contractor, that said something that made me really happy but really made me think:

“We’ve got a bunch of projects coming up in the queue.
Thank goodness the recession didn’t wipe us out!”

To give you the quick fill-in, I’ve been contracted as a programmer by a small company of four in Santa Fe, NM called Desert Elements Design for the last few years now. They supply the majority of my work, pay me at a premium and have been incredible about consistently sending me work even through the hard times of this recession.

Even though their business is down slightly from years past, it really got me thinking that, hey, I made it though this recession on top while there were many many others who have fallen victim. I’ll admit, too, that I really didn’t do much to combat the effect the recession could have on me. The work came and I didn’t ask how or why.

While some sectors are survivable during a recession, web development being one of them, it still takes some serious marketing to draw in business since virtually no one has been willing to spend. It didn’t a genius to put two and two together and see that there was a candle burning on both ends to market DE services along with managing the design projects between just three people.

And all of this while I completed the steady supply of assigned work and enjoyed my weekends in the summer visiting pristine beaches and attending a multitude of concerts like longtime favorites Neil Young and AC/DC. All the while being completely oblivious to a recession at hand.

So now I sit here and realize like a slap in the face that I am luckier than a good chunk of the workforce out there. Lucky to work and earn a living. Lucky to be associated with the intelligent and hard working ladies of DE. Luckily to be able to buy an imported beer and drink it while writing this.

So time for me to stop thinking and give thanks. Right now.

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