The Week In Freelance: July 20th

Posted: July 24th, 2009

  • Freelance Folder has 5 simple tricks that make you more attractive to your clients.
  • oDesk on putting a price on your services: “One of the hottest new trends in negotiation theory is “mutual problem solving” which has – to some extent – replaced the more basic bargaining-based approach. The key to mutual problem solving is looking for hidden benefits or creative possibilities for both parties when working together.” In other words, get to know your client’s needs beyond the project scope and sell your specialized skills to maximize your earnings. Part 2 of this post is worth a read too.
  • We all want to find ways to spend less time at work. Zen Habits has five ways to help you get started.
  • Bizzia on using give-aways to promote your business: “Three reasons why you should be giving stuff away to people: (1) People respond to gifts by feeling a sense of obligation.  It’s the principle of Reciprocity I talked about several months ago.  If you give them something, they will feel they should do something for you. (2) People can put the gift somewhere to remember your business. (3) They can share the gift with friends as they refer your business to them.”
  • Do you know the formula for success and happiness? You probably can already guess optimism, but grounded optimism is something we should really be applying. [from Goodlife Zen]
  • A lack of funds can be a reason your vacation might not be in Hawaii this year. The “staycation”, however, can really make you see the true point of a vacation. [from Goodlife Zen]
  • Instead of taking time off only to return to a mountain of stressful work, try taking mini mental breaks. [from Web Worker Daily]
  • Still procrastinating? Give yourself a procrastination innculation. [from Zen Habits]
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