The Week In Freelance: June 15th

Posted: June 19th, 2009

  • Mike Smith from Freelance Folder: How do you build your portfolio without doing spec work and with no clients? Its simple: create it for yourself. “The benefit to creating work you like and enjoy is that your work will be great. The quality will be awesome because it’s what you like. Not only that, but you’ll attract the type of clients where you can create even more work like that. What’s not to love about being able to do what you want, when you want? Thats one of the biggest benefits to being a freelancer, right?”
  • Laura Spencer from Freelance Folder explains how to make potential clients choose you over others: “Don’t forget a final method for discovering what makes your freelancing business unique — ask your customers. That’s right; ask your customers why they chose your freelancing business over your competition. The answer might surprise you and could point directly to what makes your freelancing business better. […] Once you determine the unique points about your freelancing business, don’t keep it to yourself. Make it part of your central business message.”
  • Karl Staib from Zen Habits with 6 techniques to staying happy during a stessful project. One in particular: “During my break I do something a little weird like take a short walk and hang from a tree branch. I find that it’s tough to worry while hanging from a beautiful tree. Plus, my creativity almost always starts flowing again. […] There are so many ways we can pull ourselves out of a stressful state if we just take a moment to be creative.”
  • One little teeny tiny word that can change your motivation. [from Goodlife Zen]
  • And if the above doesn’t work, there is always nuero-linguistic programming you can try to improve motivation.
  • Celine Rogue from Web Worker Daily: Do email newsletters have a place in freelancing? The answer is an emphatic yes. One useful purpose is to provide useful information to our clients. “Educating our clients is always a good thing. It’s not enough to just give them our work output — I have to teach them how to use it well. But this often burdens me with hours of repetitive tech support. With the use of email marketing services, I can keep clients updated with the latest industry trends, as well as what they can do to adapt.”
  • Should you sign a non-disclosure agreement? Its probably ok, but  read and understand it before signing. [from Bizzia]
  • Johnny Truent from Copyblogger has the real secret to being a better blogger: “To be popular, you need to be likable. For the most part, you’ll need to rely on your writing (whether as text, in a podcast, or on video) to do that. But luckily, learning to write personably is actually more about unlearning how to write like a stiff. “
  • Some nice charts and graphs showing that your earnings tend to increase with longer tenure and more training. [from oDesk]
  • Georgina Laidlaw from Web Worker Daily: Its generally difficult to build a rapport with clients  when you work remotely over the internet. It doesn’t mean it is not important though. “So you need to see that each point of contact is an opportunity to build rapport. I promise: This is what makes the difference between remote workers who are fun to work with and really part of the team, and remote workers you’d happily never work with again.”
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  • Karl Staib - Work Happy Now

    June 21st, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Staying happy during a stressful project isn’t easy, but it is possible. It just takes a little tweaking until we get it right.

    Thanks for the link love!