Top Ten Fastest Money Makers in Freelancing

Posted: June 11th, 2009

Freelancers are always open to making the quick cash fast so we have you some of the fastest money makers.

10. Pawn off prized laptop, desk and chair. Buy cheaper laptop, desk and chair.

9. Spend a shift or two down at the IHOP stealing tips.

8. Add a shipping charge on all project deliverables.

7. Bet it all on black. Or the Lakers to win it all in six.

6. Find a contact in Nigeria to show you how that one scheme works.

5. Fuck it. Splurge for that thing in the email I keep getting about making a six figure income doing absolutely nothing.

4. Cash in that 50 pound jar of pennies.

3. Sell soul to devil. Hope a few bucks come out of it.

2. Moonlighting as a freelancer at the No Tell Motel.

1. A real job.

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