The Week In Freelance: June 1st

Posted: June 5th, 2009

  • Martha Retallick from Freelance Switch has arguably the best advice I have ever heard on marketing yourself: Quit trying to perfect your portfolio, website, sales pitch, whatever and just get going. “The trouble with perfectionism and creative types is that it sucks up a lot of time that we could use for building our businesses. It’s all too easy to delve into endless tweaking of our websites, designing an award-winning direct mail piece, or creating a knock-their-socks-off HTML newsletter. […] Meanwhile, business opportunities are flying by. And our competitors are jumping on them. So, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Just. Get. Going.”
  • Cindy Krischer Goodman from on freelancing as an option in a tough economy: “For some, the stigma of working at home as a free agent has them mumbling apologies. ‘They tell people,”I’m just doing this until I get a real job,”‘ says Kate Lister, co-author of Undress for Success, a soon to be released book on working from home. But more and more, people who are willing — or are forced — to give up the benefits of a 401(k) or corporate-sponsored health insurance are getting comfortable shunning the pointless meetings and annoying office politics: ‘They are sick of the rat race and they discover this as a way to take control of their lives.'”
  • Some more evidence that freelance work is booming in the bad economy (Wall Street Journal): “Between January and March, employers posted 70,500 of these work-for-hire positions on and 43,000 on, which represents increases of 35% and 105%, respectively, from the same period in 2008., which lists remote and on-site freelance jobs, says its average monthly postings have more than doubled to around 13,500 per month in the past year. In March, there were 750 jobs listed on, versus 400 in March 2008.”
  • Bookmark this page from Sparkplug CEO: Online legal resources for the home business.
  • Darell Etherington from Web Worker Daily: Achieve your goals publishing them online. “The web is a great place to publicize your professional goals, especially if that’s where you do the bulk of your work. But just tweeting your aim doesn’t mean it’ll come through. As with most things, a plan will help increase your chances of success.” Smart idea!
  • States of Mind has an interesting interview with freelance journalist Dan Baum on what it takes to succeed in this field.
  • For those who may try to sell anything online, whether it be your services or an ebook or anything else, do you know the golden rule of online marketing? [from Copyblogger]
  • Mason Hipp from Freelance Folder on using Twitter to get clients: “The first, and perhaps most obvious way to get clients from twitter is to respond to people who are asking for help. If one of your followers posts a tweet saying that they’re looking for a web designer, then all you have to do is Direct Message them saying you’re interested and offering a link to your portfolio or website. You would be surprised at how effective this can be.” The best part is that he mentions two other ways too.
  • Looks like some freelancing websites are getting noticed more and more to find programmers [from Inc.].
  • Some of the top web designers give the pros and cons of going freelance. [from Noupe]
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