The Week In Freelance: May 11th

Posted: May 15th, 2009

  • Skellie from Skelliewag has a great post on how to be a freelancer in 30 days: “The program is designed to be completed while you are working full-time, either by dedicating a couple of hours in the evening or mornings, or working on the program over the weekend. It should be combined with daily hands-on practice in the skill you want to freelance in, particularly if you are a novice in that skill. If you are a novice, don’t delay the program until you feel you are ‘good’ enough. The emphasis is on selling a very specific skill that you can become good at in a short period of time. 30 days practicing one hour a day is more than enough time to develop a specific service that you are good enough at to sell. ” Even if you already are a freelancer, it’s worth a peek. Some steps could actually improve your career.
  • A huge obstacle designers and writers face is keeping the creativity going when you are just too damn tired to do anything. Here are ten ways to stay creative while exhausted. Some are funny and obvious but they really do work.
  • Leo from Zen Habits: Has six small things you can do when you lack discipline. “One of the biggest problems people face is the lack of discipline — they have goals or habits they want to achieve, but lack that discipline needed to stick with it. […] Then we beat ourselves up about it. We feel crappy because we can’t stick with it. […] And that leads to more failure, because we’re forming a mindset that we don’t have the necessary discipline.” Leo makes it easy to beat.
  • If discipline really just isn’t your thing, then here are ten ways to establish new habits WITHOUT discipline. You can’t go wrong now.
  • Naomi Dunford from IttyBiz on how to become rich and famous on the internet in five steps: Many of you out there have a blog with the intent of having a huge following and becoming popular in your own niche (me included). Then eventually rake in all that dough that follows. It’s not easy, of course, but her humorous post can shed a little light on what makes the real bloggers rich and popular out there.
  • Want to win a client for life? Then try one of these original ways you can inpress your clients. Basically, it’s showing a highly treasured significant other you are a lunatic.
  • One important question every freelancer should ask themselves is should you specialize or diversify your services? Specializing in a narrow set of services can be more profitable in the short term while diversifying can be profitable later on in your career, although it may take some time to achieve this. Freelance Folder has interesting take on how this can be handled.
  • Here’s another important question freelancers should ask themselves; do you backup your data. A wise friend once told me that it’s not a question of IF but WHEN your computer will eventually take a shit on you. Time to get a backup solution in place.
  • Social media can work wonders for networking as a freelancer. A big drawback is that you can get caught up and waste too much time tweeting away. Luckily there are ways to simplify the routine to free up more of your time.
  • If you are like me and sometimes take your WordPress blog security for granted, then follow a few steps to secure it.
  • Uh oh! Graduating college seniors are pretty much screwed this year, huh?
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  • J.D. Meier

    May 17th, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Great roundup.

    I particularly enjoyed 10 ways to impress your clients.