Freelance Follies #1

Posted: May 12th, 2009

Welcome to a new little feature of The Freelance Rant. As you hopefully know, freelancing can’t always be serious. After all, we need the occasional laugh or distraction to get us through the day. So here I present to you the first Freelance Follies. Please leave hate comments below.

  • There’s nothing like jury duty to steal one of your working days and replace it with a day dedicated to waiting around for hours on end only to answer a single question from a judge. Here’s the perfect excuse to keep your ass out of jury duty. By the looks of a judge signing off on it, it really works too.
  • Has the Google street view car already passed through your neighborhood? Hopefully you weren’t one of it’s victims caught in a bad moment. You’d figure Google would have some sort of algorithm to eliminate people peeing in open public from their street view.
  • If the Google car hasn’t caught you in an embarrassing situation, then maybe the Denton (Texas) Police Department has. Being the cool police department they are, they use Twitter to post their bookings online. Looks like it isn’t hard to make it to these pages, either… someone got booked for doing 58 in a 45 mph zone. Geez, down with lawbreakers, heh?
  • Ever wonder the truth behind who the real obnoxious assholes are?
  • Money Makin’ Tip of The Week:
    Take a cue from the restaurants and earn an extra 15% or more per customer. On your invoices, right below the invoice amount, leave one blank line labeled “TIP” and another below it labeled “TOTAL.”  Leave a tip jar on your desk in case some like to pay cash. You can thank me later.
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