The Week In Freelance: May 4th

Posted: May 7th, 2009

  • Jean Murray from Bizzia: Customer service is an absolute must for any business no matter how small. “In many cases, smaller businesses can’t compete on price with larger ones selling approximately the same thing.  But you can compete and excel in customer service.  You can make sure you are selling at a competitive price, but even more, you can work hard to be there when customers need you, to have reliable service people working on their products, and to have quick turn-around.  And don’t forget the little things, like a loaner or cleaning up the product before you give it back. “
  • This day and age, it isn’t unusual for freelancers to never meet their clients face to face. It is therefore wise to know how to successfully work with people over long distance.
  • Freelance Switch has ten simple steps to landing more gigs. We could all use more work, right?
  • Thursday Bram from Freelance Switch: Instead of planning that first beer just before completing a project, planning the finish may just provide you more future work. One thing I haven’t thought of: “If you’re looking at a truly huge project — one that can help you get your foot in the door — it may be worth talking to your client about how they plan to launch the project in question. A brand new website launch, for instance, can be an opportunity to get your name into a trade publication or even throw a launch party. While your client probably wants to take full credit — they did pay for the project, after all — you can still get your name mentioned in the promotions.”
  • Leo Babauta from Zen Habits: If you are looking to try something new (i.e. freelancing), it is normal to research and find any piece of information available whether ebooks, websites or whatever. A lot of us forget the next step: doing it. “So reading countless self-help articles and books are great — I’ve written a few myself — but remember that it’s only the first step. […] You have to put the personal development posts away, get away from the computer or book, and start doing it. Today. […] Only in doing it will you actually learn.”
  • Change is good for any career whether you want to take a different path or even quit your job to pursue other goals. So learn to take this need for change and embrace it.
  • Ever wonder how your blog (or email and other accounts) can get hacked into? It usually results from a weak password that can be guessed through publicly available information about you. It may help to learn from a computer programmer who’s blog was hacked into.
  • Designing a logo? Here are ten tips you should read before starting.
  • A must visit for developers… 10 applications for web developers on a shoestring budget.
  • A must read on a freelancer who quit on his career only to find inspiration and renew it several months later. He touches on the fears we all have to face as freelancers.
  • Ever wonder what Twitter would be like if it were live instead of on the internet? Check it out.
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