Freelancers Are Most At Risk From Swine Flu

Posted: April 27th, 2009

I’m sure you’ve read it all over the place or saw the news bulletin on CNN. Oh man, there is a sudden global “pandemic” of swine flu that started out in Mexico and has spread to other parts of the world, hopefully, putting a scare in all of us. Really, don’t you get the impression this strain of flu will invade your household in the next day or so the way it is “spreading” around the world?

But haven’t we also heard the same story before with avian or aka “bird” flu? This strain was also projected to also be a global pandemic and scared the news-weary public enough to cause hoarding of the short supply of medication that supposedly treated it (remember tamiflu?). Isn’t it kind of funny we haven’t heard about it for a year or two since it was major headline news? Makes you think what the big deal was in the first place and if this swine flu really is something we need to pay attention to.

Now let’s go ahead and switch the subject to employment. Heard any bad news lately? Does this bad news directly affect whether you start freelancing or how you continue your freelancing? To put it in bluntly, did it bring about fear concerning the situation of your career?

The truth of the matter is that the poor state of the economy will affect you in much the same way as the swine flu will. In other words, worrying about either won’t do any good. If by little chance you will be directly affected by swine flu, chances are that this will be dealt with locally by professionals and you will be advised on what to do. So why worry?

The same applies to the economic situation. It may or may not have directly affected your employment but, rest assured, it will if you let it. Personally, I have had to make some adjustments such as spending more time searching for clients and making more of an effort to take care of the ones I do have to gain repeat work. Overall my freelance business hasn’t taken a hit as a result.

Surely my case doesn’t speak for everyone but sitting there and worrying won’t get you anywhere either. This little bit of knowledge, though, can keep you ahead of the masses that do worry. So stop, think and take action… or let the swine flu affect you too.

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