The Week In Freelance: April 20th

Posted: April 23rd, 2009

  • Fear is probably the single culprit that can kill a freelancer’s career. Leo at Zen Habits tells us “When I was able to overcome this fear of not being good enough, this fear of failure and rejection, and put myself out there in the world, I succeeded. I found out that I was good enough. And I still have this same fear — I still worry that I’m not good enough, that I’ll fail and flop on my face in front of 100,000 people … but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.” It’s important to recognize your own fears and find ways to overcome them if you do want to succeed.
  • I’ve seen many lists of what makes a successful freelancer but the one at hits it right on the money. One lesson I recently learned the hard way: “Time Invested at the Start of Projects Will Save Headaches Later.”
  • The Domino’s Pizza scandal landed two morons in hot water after vigilant people managed to track them down to a North Carolina location. Lesson learned is don’t put anything online that can come back to haunt you. Cracked has more interesting cases where a little vigilance helped to track down scum on the internet.
  • Georgina at Web Worker Daily has the 5 warning signs that a project is in danger of non-payment. Here’s a scary scenario that happened to her: “The project had started in the normal way. I took the brief, produced the work, and sent it off in draft form for review with the words, “I look forward to your amendments.” But there were no amendments. My contact at the agency asked for my invoice the same day. I wound up having to chase payment, my contact was avoiding me, and in the end, I only got paid for half the job.” Her article is worth the read since the situation will likely come up for any freelancer.
  • A quick crash course on how a freelancer should approach their marketing.
  • Much of the marketing a freelancer does is initially outbound (cold calling, newsletters, advertising) which lessens as you become established and business is generated increasingly by word of mouth. Eric at Web Worker Daily has some info on how inbound marketing (customers finding you) can drum up more business and can go hand-in-hand with your outbound marketing.
  • Lee Munroe has a list of the 25 hot female designers. I’m guilty of thinking it was a photo spread, but these ladies do churn out some good work.
  • Treating your clients right rewards you with repeat business, good referrals, a great reputation and less time you have to spend on your own marketing. That said, you may want to brush up on how to gain your customer’s loyalty.
  • Ever thought of content marketing for a little side income? From Sonia at Copyblogger: “The whole idea behind content marketing is that you can use your creativity and know-how to make something cool, then take that cool thing and use it to market a product. It’s often associated with Seth Godin’s notion of permission marketing, but content marketing can be a part of any promotion or selling you might do.” She goes on to list 49 ways you can profit from it. One surely has to work.
  • The Supreme Court has decided to preside over a settlement case for freelance writers (from Wired): “The writers had sued the publishers and electronic database services, saying their contracts did not grant the publishers the right to electronically reproduce their work or license it for others to do so. A federal judge in New York approved the settlement. But a U.S. appeals court panel, by a 2-1 vote, threw out the settlement on the grounds that the judge lacked jurisdiction over infringement claims arising from unregistered copyrights.”
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