Thinking Outside The Box Means Getting Out Of It First

Posted: April 20th, 2009

Choosing to work on your own means you have the creative freedom to do whatever pleases you in your work. It doesn’t just stop at work. I mean, sure, we have the luxury of working in our pajamas (or naked), scheduling our work hours when we want and sleeping in every day. Those really just scratch the surface of the true freedom that lies before you.

When you really think about it, we become freelancers to not be “one of them” lost in the corporate world and climbing the proverbial ladder. Not that this so bad, especially in these times, but there is something inside of us that screams out we are distinct and have our own ways of doing things. Really… think about this for a second.

Don’t we have the capacity to recreate a mini version of, say, Apple or Google?

I’m not talking about inventing the next tech wonder, but recreating the environment that does. Skip the traditional office setup and let your mind wander into uncharted waters. Since most freelancers work over the internet and wireless internet service is readily available almost anywhere, the choices are unlimited.

Have a tree outside? Build a treehouse office.

Spare bathroom? Turn that into your workstation.

Take your work on the road. Check out a new state each day.

I might be a little facetious here but the truth is, you never know where the next great idea may come from. OK, so you probably won’t invent the next super gadget wonder, however, your next big successful idea could suddenly be inspired by your new found creative freedom. It just has to be tapped.

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