Top Ten Excuses For The IRS On Tax Day

Posted: April 15th, 2009

It’s tax day in the U.S. so if you haven’t started, better get to it. In case you do not meet the midnight deadline, here are a few excuses that may get you by:

10. “I decided not to pay that part I owe going to the financial bailout.”

9. “I’ll check the box where $3 will go to the campaign fund. Just let me slide this once.”

8. “I’m still waiting on that stimulus check to foot the tax bill.”

7. “It’s cool. I work at [insert major bank receiving bailout funds here].”

6. “Why don’t we schedule a meeting with my tax advisor, Mr. Glock 45.”

5. “I thought it was ok to take an advance on my Social Security.”

4. “Taxes are an expense. So I deducted them from my taxes.”

3. “I gave myself  a bonus with the tax money I owed this year.”

2. “The check is in the mail.”

1. “I’m still trying to conceive my dependants.”

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