Freelancing Links: Week of March 27

Posted: April 3rd, 2009

So who got fooled the other day? I read about some pretty good pranks online, but this one wins the trophy. OK, It didn’t happen on Fool’s day but it’s good for a belly ache, anyway. Back on topic, here you have this week’s happenings in freelancing:

Copyblogger: For you writers, learn an interesting technique for getting those top-notch copywriters to mentor you “for free.”

Freelance Folder: “Opportunities aren’t discovered; they are created.” One thing that separates the successful freelancers from the wannabes is precisely this… they make it happen instead of waiting for a break.

Freelance Folder: Sales is probably one of the most useful skills you can have as a freelancer. Though the selling aspect is important, it’s learned quickly that clients have to be treated right so you continue to get their biz. Here’s a nice little crash course so you see what I mean.

Freelance Switch: Hand’s up if you use an accountant to crunch your numbers. That’s what I thought (me included). I’m probably not the first to be struggling through taxes at this time, but it may help to read a little advice for beginners.

Freelance Switch: Eight practices of freelancers… who have kept on freelancing.

Mashable: A bit off topic, but has your house showed up in Google Street View yet? One town says an emphatic NO to the Google invasion.

New York Times: Here’s a good question to ask yourself if you work at a job and are considering the jump to freelancing.

The Onion: With basketball season winding down, better get to one for that career opportunity you’ve always wanted. Freelance programmers take note, the playing field may be leveled soon. India appears to be pricing themselves out of the market.

Zen Habits: Forgot about your New Year’s resolutions yet? Nobody’s perfect, so maybe it’s time to have a look back at those.

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