Freelancing Links: Week of March 23

Posted: March 26th, 2009

It’s the middle of March Madness for those of you in the States. The rest, just an ordinary week without the insanity of college basketball. These should keep you busy in the meantime:

Copyblogger: Stuck on a writing topic? How about writing about the easiest topic possible?

Elance: Some people want to create a blog as a medium for expressing themselves. Others want to eventually profit from one. Here are some tips to do the most important thing… getting readers to read the blog.

Freelance Folder: Interesting post on the ten types of bad clients and how to steer clear of them. Sadly, you may get to know at least one of them in your freelance career.

Geekpreneuer: Here’s a type of freelancer you don’t hear a whole lot about. Presenting the virtual assistant.

Guerilla Freelancing: You hear all the time of twitter being used more and more as a marketing tool. This can especially be useful to help promote your freelancing business or blog if twitter marketing is done correctly. I recently got on the twitter train, trying to overcome being an online introvert. Mike from Guerilla Freelancing happened to be my first follower, so thanks Mike!

Indexed: I couldn’t say this better myself.

Mashable: If you are from the States and are a fan of college basketball AND work online, then surely you caught the on-demand March Madness from CBS Sports. There are some pretty gaudy numbers as far as numbers of online viewers. Let’s hope this trend jumps ship to other sports worldwide.

Mashable: For all you web developers, here’s a great list of useful development tools. The XenoCode Browser Sandbox is a life-saver.

NorthxEast: More on helping you blog better… some rules to help develop the habit of adding content. Since most people blog apart from their jobs, it is often difficult to keep up with them.

oDesk: I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of hearing about layoffs and the economy. Its depressing and creates fear and we’re all vulnerable to fear. That’s why this post was a refreshing breath of fresh air.

The Onion: Was this you that got “layed off” recently?

Wall Street Journal: The WSJ interviews Sara Horowitz of the Freelancers Union (USA). She’s fighting for our rights as freelancers by creating a health care plan (although only in the state of New York) and lobbying the White House for stimulus money to go towards other benefits for freelancers.

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