Freelancing Links: St Patrick’s Week

Posted: March 16th, 2009

Yes it’s that time again… time to go to your local overcrowded Irish bar, drink disgustingly green beer and do things you’ll (hope to) forget about the next morning. Check out these beforehand:

Biznik: Not too long ago I wrote a post on what makes a $100/hour freelancer. One secret is to do away with the hourly rate. Explained by Chris Haddad:

So it always shocks me when business folks new and old demean themselves anddevalue what they do by working based on time. Why? Because if you say “I’m a designer who works for $X dollars per hour” you’re basically saying that while your effort(the time you spend on the project) is worth something, the end result of what you provide (a beautiful and powerful design that will serve your client for years) has no actual value of its own.

Basically you’re saying that your time is worth something, but your product is just another cheap and easily obtainable commodity.

Copyblogger: Many freelancers are turning to blogging as a side project with the intent of earning money. Not all will succeed at making money though.

Geekpreneuer: Blogs can earn you a living, though. Despite the number of bloggers who actually are successful in this, it doesn’t mean it is easy. It is wise to learn the blog marketing strategies and adopt one of them.

David Airey: For freelance designers, spec work is ruining the industry, not to mention, hurting the industry.

Freelance Folder: Ever work in tech support (my hand is up)? Though most probably hated it, it does teach you lessons you need for freelancing.

Freelance Switch: New career move… empty job freelancing. Ethically it is wrong, but Jody makes a good case for it here.

LifeDev: Freelancers, once they are busy working, can often overlook the reasons why they got into it in the first place. Here’s a little refresher.

Mashable: Can social media actually be good for your health? Definitely so.

oDesk Insider: It’s hard for a freelancer to pass up work. In fact, it is practically a built in instinct to accept everything that comes our way for fear there may be no work beyond that. It’s OK to say no and should be something to get in the habit of doing.

Self Made Chick: Great story of how the average freelance writer followed her own idea and now earns a six-figure income. We should take her example and pursue those ideas that come to our heads. That’s how people find their “niche.”

Zen Habits: Get to know the 5% rule to get to where you want to go in life. Your biggest dreams can be accomplished in small, simple steps.

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