Freelancing Links: Week of March 9th

Posted: March 10th, 2009

What’s going on this week in freelancing? A lot apparently so enough talk. Here you have this week’s links:

Freelance Folder: To someone who works at a typical office job, working independently as a freelancer would seem like the absolute dream. Believe it or not, there are negative moods that afflict us even when times are good and paychecks are rolling in. It can happen for no real reason, too. See how to identify and combat those moods.

Freelance Folder: Interesting article on the three lies we make to ourselves which kills our income. I know I was guilty of all three at some point.

Freelance Switch: Here are the twelve ways to raise your profile as a freelancer. In short, volunteer your services to a high profile client. It’s a win-win since you help a big name save money (especially desirable in this economy) and you raise your profile in the process.

Indexed: So that’s the reason we hit the happy hour a little more than usual.

LifeDev: Fear is a major influencing factor in our careers whether we realize it or choose not to even acknowledge it. Understanding how it affects us can help us make it our friend.

oDesk: Even with the tumbling economy and massive layoffs you keep seeing in the news, you still hear that it’s a freelancer’s market and it’s even getting bigger. Here are some nice charts and graphs to explain this phenomenon.

oDesk Insider: If one word could describe success in freelancing, it would be… I would agree with this one, too.

SOHO Happens: Do you have an elevator pitch? You never know, this just may find you a client.

Stepcase Lifehack: Being idle is a pretty bad habit for freelancers. I’m not talking about downtime with nothing to work on, but the time we spend IMing our friends, checking scores, browsing the net, etc, when we are actually suppose to be working. Learn a strategy to recognize idleness and put an end to it once and for all.

Webdesigner Depot: If you freelance at home then maybe you can relate to missing the socialization that was a part of working at a job. Angela West has an analysis of the “anti-social” behavior the work-at-home freelancer and a few ways to socialize yourself back into society. Come to think of it, it sounds eerily similar to what you would do once you get out of prison.

Zen Happens: We all have goals and other things we want to accomplish, but a lot of these never happen. Have you ever realized that we enjoy the wanting more than the want, itself, which is the reason why they don’t happen? Learn how to break out of that pattern so you can finally achieve the wants.

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