The Monday Hangover No. 6

Posted: March 2nd, 2009

Dealing With Blog Comment Spam

You know my blog is fairly new and not the most popuplar out there yet somehow it has already attracted an opportunist spammer hoping to get his page full of “cheap meds” links into the comments in one of my postings. I know WordPress has an excellent spam filter, but still, I find it annoying (and maybe a bit violated) that some asshole has their spamming software on auto-pilot targeting my blog in the process.

I’m sure it will eventually get to the point where I just delete everything in the WP spam queue.  For those of you with the same problem, one thing I recommend is to upgrade your WP to the latest 2.7.x which has the latest Askimet spam filtering plus much better security features.

Spam comment example

I’m sure most other blogs already have their own ways of dealing with these slimeballs, but if you have your methods that work wonders, throw them my way.

UPDATE: I guess we shouldn’t fell so bad for those spammers after all. They have their own economy to support:

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