Freelancing Links: Week of Feb. 23th

Posted: February 27th, 2009

The name of the past Freelance Rant feature, Around the Horn, has been changed to Freelancing Links since it happens to be the name of some show on ESPN. Not that they have served me an order or anything like that. I’d like to have a little originality in this website, but I’m also a little sick of coming up with catchy names. At least you won’t mistake this for the ESPN show anymore.

All Freelance: Sure, the work may be slow during these trying times, but freelancers always stay busy. Here’s a list of things you can do when business is slow.

Elite By Design: STILL looking into starting a blog? Here’s a list of must-have tools for the beginning blogger.

Freelance Folder: Ever had an “ugly duckling” project? You know, that one that never ends or the one you would rather gouge out your eyes than work on. Here is a good article on how to evaluate them and turn them down if not for you.

Freelance Folder: Need a jumpstart on your freelance career? Here are a few tips to help.

Freelance Switch: Being a jack-of-all-trades freelancer can hurt your income due to lack of specialization on any one thing. Being a jack-of-all-trades freelancer with a primary skill, however, can benefit you in the long run.

Geekpreneur: Writers block sucks. It’s impossible to sit down and write every time you set aside time to do so. You have to ride your creativity wave as it comes and follow other methods of increasing your writing productivity. I just write a blog, too. I can’t imagine what freelance writers go through who write full time.

The Germz: Have you incorporated your business yet? Seems like a major hassle, though, doesn’t it? Actually, incorporating your freelance business can be done online.

Greep It: Why is it that we have a hard time focusing on some days but are fine on others? Knowing your five creativity killers is a start. Avoiding them is the next step to better focus ourselves in our work.

Net Tuts+: Are you a web developer? Here are the 10 most sought after skills in web dev.

Spark Plugging: It’s fair to say most of us have experienced working at a wage per hour at some point in our lives. Yet when we work in freelance, we have a tendency to stick with this dollars for hour mindset which can leave us vulnerable, especially in the current economy.

ValleyWag: The secrets of MySpace, revealed. Who new  their founders came from a history of spamming?

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