10 Things You’ve Heard About Freelancing That Are Actually True: DEBUNKED

Posted: February 25th, 2009

Recently, Laura from Freelance Folder wrote about the 10 Things You’ve Heard About Freelancing That Are Actually True. Now we can’t have freelancing truths listed without a little conspiracy theory applied to them so we’ll see if each one of these these really holds water or not.

1. You Can Earn a Full-time Living

You probably could if you like eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This gets a sort-of-DEBUNKED.

2. Freelancing has Flexible Hours

Hey, getting up and having to work is not too flexible. Who cares when you do it. DEBUNKED.

3. You Can Work Wherever You Want

I work at home, not in the Bahamas. Home is not wherever I want. Have to go with DEBUNKED here.

4. You Can Wear Whatever You Want

Freelancers must save time wherever they can to be efficient. Putting on clothes wastes time and therefore it is absolutely mandatory that you work stark naked. Who is going to complain anyway? Semi-DEBUNKED.

5. You Can Deduct Your Expenses

I think this is for something called taxes which is completely unnecessary in my opinion. Remember, save time and be efficient so I wouldn’t see the need for this. DEBUNKED.

6. You Can Turn Work Down

Turn work down? In this economy, if you get tossed a bone what are you going to do? Leave it for the next dog or lick it clean? DEBUNKED.

7. There’s No Commute

Imagine yourself with your usual hangover, crawling from your bed to your desk in the other room. That qualifies as a commute unfortunately. DEBUNKED.

8. You’ll Have Lean Periods

I’m fat all of the time. Oh wait… this may refer to work here. OK, we’ll give a half-DEBUNKED for this one.

9. You’ll Spend a Lot of Time Alone

That’s what pets are for. DEBUNKED.

10. Networking is Important

Yeah, you really have to know what all your friends are up to on the IM. Talk to your pets instead. DEBUNKED.

* * *

Well, there you have it. Freelancing isn’t quite what we thought it was, eh? We love it anyway.

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