The Monday Hangover No. 5

Posted: February 2nd, 2009

Routines are made to be bent (but not broken)

Well, here I am in Barcelona, Spain and I somehow managed to find some pirated access to Super Bowl coverage over the internet. It’s also just past midnight on Monday morning and the game just barely got underway. It’ll be a long night but, what the hell, I’ll type away here, too. After all, its not every day you can blog and watch football… starting at midnight.

Usually I’m in bed at this time. In fact, I make sure to get a good night’s sleep Sunday night to prepare for the Monday grind. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I stayed up late on a Sunday, even without the boozing. I had to even twist my own arm to stay up and watch this game in shitty internet quality.

You know what though? I’m glad I have routines that keep me in check. I get plenty of sleep on weekdays, save the late nights for the weekends, no happy hours… and my freelance career thanks me for it. Eventually, I guess you have to break out of your old college habits which might have allowed you to pass Chemistry but won’t you help pay the rent.

With that said, I think its time for for a little change-up. Routines help you make it to where you want to get to but they can also eliminate your spontaneity and eventually the passion you have in your work. Think about it… you are driven by your habits, good or bad. Sometimes, though, we are just too consumed by them. Can you remember everything you did at work last week? If we were that passionate about it, shouldn’t we remember?

OK, don’t get me wrong, here. We actually need good habits and  routines to succeed so let’s not throw them overboard just yet. The hardest part is even developing them, too. After all, we all should know (or at least have an idea) a good habit takes three weeks to develop and a bad habit can be learned on the spot.

Despite their importance to us, would it be SO bad to stray from them and go back to the old college habits, albeit just for a night (or four hours for me right now)? Now some people can handle doing the same productive routine at the same exact time every day of their lives and not even care. I firmly believe for the majority, routines eventually get stale and give you a feeling of “missing something” out of work or your career. At least for me, I finally realized this tonight.

So now, as I break my routines by boozing it up late on a Sunday and staying far past my normal midnight bedtime, I am happy at myself for doing so. I may not quite feel this way when I wake up, but from now on I’ll allow those little temptations to stray away from the essential routines and accept the consequences… a little piece of mind.

Go Cardinals!

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