Around the Horn: Week of January 26th

Posted: January 30th, 2009

The scoop in freelance for Super Bowl week.

Avalonstar:Distortion: Not everyone is cut out for freelancing.

A Blue Flavored Blog: Pricing a project is not always an exact science. Sometimes its a chess game of what you think a client can afford versus what they are actually willing to pay. Here is how a design agency approaches the touchy task of pricing.

Designers Mind: Freelancers are successful because they have the right habits. These good habits can be boiled down to the fact that they work hard.

Just Creative Design: The primary reason freelancers choose their profession is the freedom it provides in the direction we take with our careers. One of these freedoms is the ability to work wherever the hell we want to. It doesn’t matter whether it is at the local library or China, we shouldn’t take this for granted.

Freelance Folder: Making mistakes as a freelancer is normal. It helps to hear stories of other freelancing mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them either.

Freelance Switch: It is important for freelancers to give their very best service to their clients. You are also entitled to your own needs from your clients.

Freelance Switch: How does the sound of ultimate flexibility sound to you? Become a freelance “Web Worker” and you can work from anywhere in the world instead of nailed down to a single location. Skellie has the concise, but useful tips to be able to do this.  Here are Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4, too,  so you don’t get lost looking for them.

Freelance Switch: If you are a freelancer and work alone at home you definitely have had the “lonely freelancer syndrome” at some point or another. Here are some ways to beat it. Best tip: get a pet.

Project4Hire: An important lesson to all freelancers is do not take all jobs that come your way. Here’s how to spot those shady freelance jobs.

You The Designer: Ever bid on a project and thought you had it in the bag? Then you come to realize you never had it in the first place. Here are reasons why you didn’t get that project. This refers to graphic designers but applies to all freelancers, too.

As a added bonus, here are some funny work related jokes.

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