Top Ten New Years Resolutions For Freelancers

Posted: January 26th, 2009

OK, January is almost over but we’re not suppose to forget our resolutions, right? Neither do the freelancers! So hereĀ  we have our best resolutions that we will get around to hopefully.

10. Tax time… time to file that overdue 2007 return.

9. Start counting surfing the internet and naps as billable time.

8. Start a “Ponzi” scheme thing for a little side gig (but don’t get caught like that Madoff idiot).

7. Finally replace sawhorses and door with a real desk.

6. Start adding invoicing inconvenience surcharge to invoices.

5. Stop drinking so much coffee. Start looking into nose candy.

4. Call up all my clients and ask for a raise.

3. Quit smoking (dope).

2. Start hiring interns to do all the damn work.

1. Shower more (or buy stronger incense).

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Johnny is the founder of The Freelance Rant and a freelance web programmer with 8 years in the business. Have a visit at his company Oscarrr!web or see what he's up to on Twitter.

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