Around the Horn: Week of January 19th

Posted: January 26th, 2009

Sorry, I’m a little late on the posting. The other day job took precedence unfortunately. So as we salute the pilot we all know as the U.S. Airways waterskier, I give you this week’s freelancing tidbits.

Arbenting: Ever think about what you give up when becoming a freelancer? Though it’s a little on the pessimistic side, they hold truth to them.

Being a Starving Graphic Artist Sucks: The best piece of advice I’ve seen in a while (not the part about being a starving graphic artist sucking). Short, right to the point and 100% true.

DESIGNM.AG: The 16 business lessons for freelancers and spoken from a wise man. Study each one because they all will be an issue with you at some time or another. Best one in my opinion: #4 Charge up front. Helps keep a steady cash flow.

Freelance Folder: One flaw of freelancers is their tendency to be a do-it-all to please their clients. For instance you may be a web designer and a client may ask you to write the web content which seems hard to pass up. This can get you in over your head, too.

Freelance Folder: Hey, I got on the bandwagon though fairly recently. Here are three reasons why every freelancer should have a blog. So now you have have the hang of freelancing, are making nice income but want to take it to the next level. Here’s an article that outlines how to reach the top in what you do.

Freelance Switch: One of the biggest challenges to a freelancer is figuring out how to make themselves productive. Well, here are 46 tips for you, so take a few minutes to read through them. You may not get around to all of them but there are several that will be helpful to you. For me: Listing 3 – 5 things to do the next day and checking email just twice a day.

Freelance Switch: So you want to go about starting out in freelance the right way? Actually, even if you are a freelancer, have you done these 7 things to kickstart your freelance career? I know I don’t have my hand up but probably should.

Ink Thinker Blog: One thing that makes everything go smoothly in freelance work are contracts. They make sure you do the work you say you will (and no more) and you get paid what you were promised (and no less). They should be in use by EVERY freelancer, too. Here is a super resource for contract samples and tutorials. Have a look.

Innovative: You probably wouldn’t ever work for free but here are the only four times you should ever work for free.

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