Who Doesn’t Want To Hang Around Freelancers?

Posted: January 20th, 2009

I came across a blog article today by “Amy” at quietrebelwriter.com and read a funny little article. Here’s a bit I liked:

What, you think you can afford to be picky? Hallelujah and pass the ammunition, what the hell are you smoking? […] You can’t afford to be choosy! You can’t rely on your talent to pay the bills! You can’t negotiate! They’re all gonna laugh at you!!

Now, you may not see what I see what I do in this but the first thing that struck me was she (almost) used a rather famous quote that’s a personal favorite of mine. That I’ll save for some other blog though. What really struck me was that I finally realized this is the kind of community that freelancers are made up of: optimists and good humored fun people. People that could tap into your circle of friends and probably would fun to have a beer with.

I’ll admit, I’m pretty new to the freelance community. In fact I’ve really only begun to visit other freelance blogs within the past month. I can’t help, though, but to spend more and more time reading those I found and searching for new ones like Amy’s. All of them have the same thing in common, too. They provide good advice on how to succeed in freelancing and offer a little entertainment as a side dish.

I don’t think there is a better time than now to ride in the wave of freelancing. There are so many resources, stories, guides, blogs, you name it that you can already get an impression on how it will be like before even starting. The best part is that they are all overwhelmingly positive and helpful. You rarely find articles or stories of someone’s failed attempt at a freelance career.

Just surrounding yourself with optimism alone will take you far in anything you do. If your a freelancer, join in the community, read the blogs and take in the positive vibes. You’ll see what a change it makes in your outlook on freelancing.

Well, cheers to Amy and off to read more blogs…

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